For the Love of Pinot

We created El Pino Club because we freaking love Pinot. It’s fickle, it’s funky, it defies expectations, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We curate exceptional Pinot Noir from around the globe, so that you can see the world through the eyes of this wonderful little grape.

Every member of El Pino Club is a unique and lovably-quirky character, bursting with personality, and undeniably true to itself. As individual cast members, they are an ode to the lands and the hands that produce them, and as an ensemble, they celebrate the full range and charm of this legendary varietal.

Each El Pino Club wine is entrusted to a winemaker expert in the nuances of their region’s Pinot Noir. The winemakers in ‘the Club’ artfully blend clones selected from their best estate vineyard blocks. Their passion for Pinot and unique winemaking styles result in site-specific wines that allow you to explore and savor the signature stamp each region imparts to Pinot Noir.

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